You're Invited!



On Friday August 19 I'm hosting a Sip & Strategy session exclusive to nonprofit marketing and development professionals like yourself. What is a Sip & Strategy?  It's a one-on-one session with me focused on helping you and your nonprofit strategize for growth. Plus, it's a whole lot of fun!  So if you need an open ear and some honest advice about how to best move forward with a current campaign or audience, book a session with me. And don't worry about cost—these sessions are based on whatever your nonprofit can afford. Whether that's $5 or $500, I want to meet with you!


"Sarah was able to take my goal and translate it into an actionable vision. What I appreciate most about Sarah is that she offers creative solutions, is thorough and delivers the expected results and then some. Sarah is like having a partner in my business’ success."

- Felicia Terry, Nonprofit Software Specialists


"Over the years, I have enjoyed the opportunity to work with countless nonprofit professionals. Sarah stands out as a leader possessing the necessary skills to move her clients forward achieving their business goals in a fiercely competitive world. Working with Sarah, I experienced her strategic abilities, clear communication and collaborative work style. She stays abreast of trends and provides effective and innovative support. Her adaptable and cheerful nature enables her to work with personalities of all types."

- Elaine Gordon, 30-Year Nonprofit Development Director Professional


I work with driven people who are using their influence to make our world a better place. Few things excite me more than combining a great idea with purpose and strategy. My passion is to help you uncover the potential in your products, your platforms, and yourself.

I also know how difficult it can be as a nonprofit to swing the cost of marketing and partnership consultation, even when you know how vital those resources can be to the success of your organization. That's why I've decided to offer these "pay what you can afford” sessions, as a way to jumpstart your momentum and get you over those first hurdles. So, if you feel unsure about next steps or are simply curious for some outside perspective, book a session with me, and, together, we'll pinpoint those next steps to help boost your organization's growth and success.



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