About Me

I'm passionate about helping you build momentum for your brand to grow, succeed, and impact lives. 

I started my first business when I was 7 years old when my parents took me for a tour of the Lisa Frank factory in Tucson, Arizona. While there, I met Lisa herself and asked if I could sell her products. She full-heartedly said yes and made me the youngest sales rep for her company, enabling me to sell her products at small events and markets around the country.

Years later, my passion turned toward a new outlet: *N Sync. At 13 years old, I ran one of the most popular fan sites for the band. Eventually my commitment paid off, and after a couple years, *N Sync's team asked me to attend the band’s Challenge for the Children VIP event as media in Orlando, Florida. WIN! While there I even filled in as an interviewer for BET on the red carpet interviewing celebrity guests, but more on that another time. 

After finishing my bachelor's in business at Belmont University, I walked into an amazing opportunity to work with the band Paramore right as their career was sky-rocketing. At 20, I was hired onto the band’s management team, which gave me the privilege of working with a wide range of professionals - record label executives, booking agents, photographers,  directors,  and strategic partners - who were all skilled at building momentum. I helped developed the band's fan club, website, visual branding, and I also assisted with some fantastic strategic partnerships, including Hurley, Fender, Hot Topic, and Love146 to name a few. 

After several years I wanted to find a way where I could help even more people using all that I had learned. That opportunity came when I was given the chance to work with a startup nonprofit called Abolition International, now Hope for Justice. Serving as the director of marketing for more than 3 years, I led campaign initiatives and grassroots partnerships that raised over $500,000 for the organization. 

I've had my fair share of disappointments as well. Businesses ideas that flopped, campaigns that failed, people who changed their minds, and not to mention all my own fears and insecurities that have hindered me in one way or another throughout the years. But I have learned that you can either be disappointed by circumstances or choose to learn from them. Life is hard, but we have a choice every day to become bitter or better. What kept me pressing on was knowing that I was set out for a greater purpose. My goal isn't to learn so that I could succeed, but so that I could help others succeed in their own callings and purposes as well. 

I know what what it's like to launch a great business idea and not know what to do next, then to receive lots of great advice, but be too overwhelmed to know how to best move forward. Beyond simple advice, I can help you sort through the noise and identify the keys for unlocking your unique path to success! 




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