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Let your creativity drive change.

I work with driven entrepreneurs who are using their influence to make our world a better place. Few things excite me more than combining a great idea with purpose and strategy.

Over the years I’ve had the privilege of working with many individuals and organizations, helping them to become movers and shakers in our culture through their work and the causes they care about. Beginning in college, I worked for a major recording artist, flying frequently between LA and NYC to develop strategic partnerships with labels, promoters, and brands. The teams I worked with during this time were experts in the art of launching movements through grassroots, community, and influencer marketing. After several years in the music industry, my perspective began to broaden as I started to explore new ways to apply my experience and help even more people. A perfect opportunity came when I joined a startup non-profit. Our small team mobilized thousands of supporters for what has become one of the leading anti-trafficking organizations in the world. But the best part of this kind of monumental growth were the hundreds of lives that were saved and impacted.

My strength is seeing the potential in people, projects, and platforms. I want to help you find the best ways to build momentum for your business so it can grow, succeed, and impact lives. 



Creative Direction

If you’re releasing a new product, music project, or book, the visual elements and artwork should effectively communicate your brand. I can work with you to clearly define the essential visual elements and concepts and then bring on board the right creative professionals to make your vision a reality. I believe your product’s artwork should reflect your craftsmanship and expertise. I work hard to make that happen.

Community Marketing & Development 

Finding your tribe and rallying them around your product or cause is hard work. While the effort seems overwhelming, the long-term impact on your success is well worth the time and investment. I can teach you how to develop a passionate and engaged community around your brand that will foster ongoing support.




Whether or not you realize it, you have a brand. The question is, does it properly represent you and your goals? Every message, image, or piece of content you release either unifies your brand message or disrupts it. Let’s make sure you have a road map to a clear destination. I can help you define an overall brand strategy so that you’re on the right course for success.


Social Media

Impactful social media starts with great content and a focused strategy. It can be difficult to know how to best utilize all the available social media accounts for your business. Let me work with you and your team to assess your needs and greatest opportunities for growth, and to develop a content strategy for easy implementation. I can also assist with social media content creation and/or management. 

Business Coaching

Did you start a business to follow a passion or to help others? Perhaps now you’re unsure how to grow your organization beyond your initial ideas. I can help you discover your strengths and the biggest opportunities for growth and success. You have more potential than you realize. Let's work together to develop strategies that will push your business to an entirely new level.

Speaking / Workshops

Hire me to speak to your group or target audience on any of the topics below: 

Image Conscious: Build a successful personal brand, business, or nonprofit through social media

Find Your Digital Voice: How to create a winning content strategy  

Invest in People: The value of building a community that supports your brand 


Campaign Strategy & Implementation

Are you launching a new product or business? You need a fresh, strategic campaign to make a powerful impression. I work with a team of trusted professionals who deliver high-quality video, photography, websites, press, and other promotional assets. Let’s assemble a multifaceted sales and promotional campaign to ensure you and your products, services, or art effectively stand out in the crowd. 

Strategic Partnerships

I have worked with artists, nonprofits, and brands of all kinds on a national and international level. I've helped them find creative ways to strategically grow audiences, creating win-win scenarios for everyone involved. I can help you seek out the right creative partnerships to increase awareness of your brand and to connect you to new people who fit your target consumer base. 



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“Sarah is an exceedingly creative and competent marketing professional. She casts vision, develops campaigns, and carries out the myriad details with clarity, passion, and ingenuity. She is artistic and articulate and brings a high level of quality to her work. I thoroughly enjoy working with her.”
— Heather Ebert, Writer, Author
I was excited about growing my business to reach more nonprofits, but was unsure about the best way to do it. Sarah was able to take my goal and translate it into an actionable vision. What I appreciate most about Sarah is that she offers creative solutions, is thorough and delivers the expected results and then some. Sarah is like having a partner in my business’ success.
— Felicia Terry, NPSS
Working with Sarah, I knew she had my very best interests at heart. She is innovative, creative, and straightforward, and she brings years’ worth of experience to the table. I felt confident she would help me build a brand unique to my needs, vision, and purpose as an author!
— K.B. Hoyle, Young Adult Fiction Author